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  • For practical purposes there is no competition for MICROSafeX’s unhackable computer.
  • There are a few software security companies such as McAfee, Kaspersey, Webroot, Symantec, Avas Antivirus, AVG Antivirus, Norton Antivirus, ZoneAlarm, etc. who have software solutions to remove viruses and malware after the damage is done.
  • The software-only-based solutions do not work. They do not prevent cyber attacks.
  • The current computer manufacturers have not been able to fix the hacking problems.
  • The unhackable computer prevents the criminals to get in the computer.
  • The MICROSafeX-patented, hardware-based prevention system will not let any virus or malware get into the computer. “If you can’t get in, you can’t steal anything.”
  • The computer is always working.
  • Every individual or business user who needs to protect their confidential information on their computer is a prospective customer.
  • The annual global personal computer market is of about 270 million units.
  • The annual US market is of approx. 188 million units.
  • The business portion of the US annual computer market is of approx. 130 million units.
  • It will be easy to acquire customers for MICROSafeX’s unhackable computer.

For marketing purposes, the computer will be ready within 12 months.

  • It is estimated that MICROSafeX’s unhackable computer will sell for $1250.

The following newspaper headlines illustrate the severity of the cyber hacking problems:

“Malware attack disrupts newspapers”

L.A. Times, 12/30/18

“Massive hack exposes student staff data”

L.A. Times, 12/22/18

“Navy, JPL among victims of hackers”

“US accuses China of major hacking operation”

L.A. Times, 12/21/18

“Hotel guest data hacked”

L.A. Times, 12/01/18

“2 from Iran cited in cyber attacks”

L.A. Times, 11/29/18

“NSA-linked cyber thieves?”

L.A. Times Editorial, 8/21/16

“Bill to help cyber attack victims faces obstacle”

Cyber thieves theft of Records?

L.A. Times, 06/08/17

Anthem Inc. 2015           10.4 million

Target 2013                    7.5 million

Living Social 2013 7.5 million

UCLA Health 2015         4.5 million

Cosco/Riteaid/CVS        2.8 million

T-Mobile USA                2.1 million


The following political actions have been mentioned in various L.A. Times articles:

CA Assemblyman Matt Debabneh (D-Woodland Hills) introduced a bill about cyber security.

CA Assemblyman Jay Obernolte introduced a bill to establish CA Cyber Security Center.

CA Assemblyman Ed Chan (D-Arcadia) Chairman of Chamber’s Privacy & Consumer Protection Committee said, “Cyber security may well be the single biggest challenge that public sector will face over the next decade or more”.