New Patented Cyber Security Enabled Hardware Design for Laptop/Personal Computers


One Sentence Pitch

We designed a new Laptop/Personal Computer line that does not let any virus and Malware into it and it cannot be hacked in anyway whatsoever.


The Problem

Computer Virus infection by criminals is a serious problem in currently available Laptops and Personal Computers. The criminals inject virus or malware, indulge in hacking activities through internet connections to steal valuable and confidential information from individuals, banks, corporations, hospitals, political organizations, government agencies, etc. The stolen information is then used for additional criminal activities.  Frequently the computers are hijacked and made inoperable until the victims meet the ransom demands. As reported in major US media the cyber criminals steal about 80 Billion dollars per year.  Media References for cyber criminal activities can be provided, if requested.


There were no solutions until now.

The Solution

Our new laptop/personal computer design puts an end to the above problems.

The secret lies in our patented new hardware design of laptop/personal computers.  As a result no virus and malware can get into these computers.  They cannot be hijacked or rendered inoperable.   No confidential information can be stolen from these computers. We would be happy to discuss the details of the hardware design of the computer during a face-to-face presentation at your location.


Target Market

It will be an asset to every individual or business computer user who needs to protect their confidential information on the computer from the cyber criminals.

There is an approx. annual global personal computer market to the tune of 270 million units.  The United States market amounts to approx. 188 million units annually. The business portion of the US annual computer market is approx. 130 million units.  We will start with the business computer market to eliminate the business losses due to cyber attacks by criminals. A conservative 10% market share would produce impressive returns.


The Competition?

For all practical purposes there is no competition.

There are few software security companies such as McAfee, Kaspersey, Webroot, Symantec, Avas Antivirus, AVG Antivirus, Norton Antivirus, ZoneAlarm, etc. have software-based solutions to remove virus and malware after the infections, loss of money and loss of confidential information have occurred. Their software-based solutions solve problem after the fact only.  By that time the damage is done.

Ours is a patented hardware-based solution.  Our solution is prevention based.  No virus or malware can get into the computer.  The computer is always working.


The Team

The promoter of this project has a degree in electronic hardware from UCLA and over 35 years of experience in Systems Architecture, Large Integrated Software Systems and some hardware in various Computers, Internet, Operating Systems, Bios, Device Drivers, Embedded Systems etc.  He also has a three and a half years of experience as a Senior Manufacturing Engineer for an electronic systems manufacturer.  He designed and developed a fully functioning Motorola 68000-based personal computer in the eighties.


Financial Summary

Based on the project development schedule it seems that the business may not generate revenue for up to one and half to two years. The design, the extensive testing and the marketing of this product will take some time.

We need funds to function for at least two to years but should have funds for up to four years.  We estimate that approx. one million dollars per year would cover employees salaries, office or warehouse expenses, marketing, advertisement, media promotions.

We estimate a 1% US-market penetration or 1.3 million units during the one and half to two years.  At this point the business should generate enough revenue to sustain the company and provide enough funds for growth.


Project Development Schedule

Start to six Months

Procure a 2000 square ft. reasonably priced office or warehouse space with a reasonable amount of parking and finalize a lease for two years with an option to renew for one more year.


Staff Existing:
VP Marketing 1
VP Sales 1

Hire an additional staff of 12 employees as follows:

Motherboard Hardware Designers 2
Operating Systems Software Engineers 2
Bios Systems Software Engineer 1
Web Browser Systems Software Engineer 1
IT + Network Engineer 1
Marketing Manager 1
Sales Manager 1
Part time Bookkeeper 1
Receptionist 1
Security Guard 1
Total Employees 15


Develop detailed design and build a few prototype units of the computer for business users. Decide which countries to file for patents and trademarks.

Develop the hardware and software in parallel.  Use existing software for Operating System, Bios, Device Drivers etc. Look into contracting computer-manufacturing vendors.


Next Six to 12 Months

Do extensive testing.  Get market feedback.  Prepare to market the product.  Start soliciting sales orders.  Estimate the amount of the units to be produced. Finalize contracts with manufacturing vendors.


Next 12 to 18 Months

Hire more engineers and software developers depending on the market size and demand.  After the prototype for business computers has a proven design, start designing new computer lines for non-business users. Do market research for servers.  Start designing server systems based on the market research.  Start researching the international personal computers and laptop market.  Start looking for bigger facilities for employees.

Start manufacture of prototype business computers through manufacturing vendors. Start advertising and marketing campaigns aimed at small to medium size businesses.  Start accepting advance deposits for future orders.  Start shipping sales orders.


18 to 36 Months

Do extensive testing and market feedback of the new computer lines for non-business users.  Do extensive testing of servers too.  Get them ready for market.  Start taking advance deposits from non-business customers and business servers.

Start marketing of business units, non-business units and server units in the international markets.  Start working with worldwide distributors for quick global market penetration. Hire more engineers and software developers depending on the market size and demand.  Start looking for bigger facilities for employees.


36 to 60 Months

Start streamlining supply chain of parts, manufacturing and distribution of various lines of laptops, personal computers and servers.  Update lines of products to the latest technology.  Keep looking for bigger facilities for employees.